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Casati Carlo AG


You have 3 options to get good bobbins, using our services.


  1. 2-days basic training
    At our or your plant.

    Content of training:
    • Basic settings of ECCO and SIGMA bobbin winders.
    • How to use the regulation kit to it's full advantage.
    • Special needs of customers or adaption to customer's thread.
    • How to maintain your machines properly.

  2. 4-days intensive training
    At our or your plant

    Content of training:
    • Get to know your ECCO or SIGMA bobbin winder inside out.
    • Do your own servicing-, repair- and overhaul work.
    • Exchange complete components and parts thereof
    • Maintenance for longer life cycle and exchange of consumable items

  3. Trouble shooting
    Should you have unexpected problems with the setting of your machine or with your bobbins, you may send the thread concerned to us. Our specialist will analyse the problem and, if possible, will then send you the correct setting values for the machine to produce a good quality bobbin.