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Casati Carlo AG

About us

Core competence

We are a Swiss company specializing in the development of winding machines for coreless bobbins. Our main products are the shuttle bobbin winders SIGMA and ECCO.
Furthermore we supply accessories used for the production of top quality bobbins. TRAININGS and SEMINARS for our winders as well as for the embroidery industry are being offered in house or at the customer's facilities. As agent of MELCO in Denver, USA we are responsible for marketing and servicing Melco products in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.



We have been building machinery for the embroidery and quilting industry since 1917. Our "Oldtimer" the automatic bobbin winder STANDARD was the only machine of its kind bought continuously and with pride, for decades, all over the world. Today there are over 18000 machines in operation. In every continent, in 64 countries at more then 6000 locations.

The company today

At Casati you will find everything under one roof: Consultancy and know how for winding, from mechanics to electronics, training and seminars. The world wide reknown winders SIGMA and ECCO are being manufactured at our plant in Au, canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland.