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The bobbin winding machine has a low-maintenance drive. Meeting the required lubrication intervals is a pre-condition for uninterrupted operation and a long service live.



Danger of injuries during maintenance works.



All maintenance work on the bobbin winding machine may only be carried out at stand still. Before opening the housing always pull mains plug.



Once daily
Remove the rubbed-off fibre and residue from the yarn from the winding heads and thread guide elements.

Once annually
Clean the complete bobbin winding machine thoroughly.

Casati Carlo AG recommends using an extraction unit if winding yarns produces excessive rubbed off fibres.


Lubricating instructions

Once daily
Lubricate ball-and-socket joint of eccentric.

Once annually
Remove cover. After cleaning of drive, cam plate and worm apply grease using a brush (about 2 brushstrokes).


Specification for lubricants

  • Lubricating oil .......... e.g. HLP10, branded hydraulic oil with a kinematic viscosity of 10 cSt (10 mm2/s) If oil of this quality is not available, mix in high-pressure additive (T4) to a good spindle oil.
  • Grease ............. e.g. T4 white grease, highly adhesive grease with lithium soap base or a textile machine grease according to DIN 51 502.

Lubricating ball-and-socket joint

Lubricating cam plates and worm