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Casati Carlo AG


Casati Carlo AG guarantees the proper functioning of the bobbin winding machine with a guarantee of:

12 months, where used in single shift operation or 6 months, where used in multiple-shift operation
The guarantee period commences on the date of delivery of the bobbin winding machine from the factory of Casati Carlo AG.

The guarantee covers

  •  labour costs for repairs,
  •  all replaceable electric and mechanical parts.

The customer shall be responsible for the costs of:

  •  shipping and customs clearance for the bobbin winding machine or spare parts,
  •  travelling expenses and board and lodging for service personnel.

The manufacturer shall not be liable for damage arising from:

  •  operation not in accordance with the operating instructions,
  •  non-observance of operation and safety regulations,
  •  inadequate maintenance,
  •  production stoppages,
  •  force majeure.

All claims under the guarantee for the bobbin winding machine are void if:

  •  repairs or modifications are carried out by the customer or third parties without the manufacturer's written approval,
  •  accessories or spare parts of other manufacturers are used,
  •   the machine is re-sold.